Laluk College was established in 1985 which was a public endeavour in a view to accelerating the socio-economic development of a vast area placed in a vicious circle of backwardness in almost all spheres. In the course of its academic as well as intellectual endeavours, the college was Provincialized in 2013. The college has the 2(f) and 12 (B) registration of UGC ACT in 2007 and 2010 respectively. However, the college is also permanently affiliated to Dibrugarh University. ( Read More… ) 

Message From The Principal

Education is not only about getting a qualification; it must also bring about a permanent and inherent change in human thinking and values. It means all round and humanistic development of a person, that transform him into a human resource. For socio-economic and cultural take-off in a globalized and liberalized society, an educational institution can play a crucial role in enlightening the society by shaping its values. As a higher educational institution, our college has not only been facilitating the acquisition of knowledge, skills and values, but also pursuing a strategy of all-round development of our students in particular and the society in general. We are working towards transforming our demographic nightmare into a demographic dividend that is crucial in building a strong, vibrant and sustainable India. ( Read More… )


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